LUN Social Groups Kick-off Postponed Until Further Notice Due to Coronavirus

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Lowry United Neighborhoods (LUN) wants to bring neighbors together to share common interests and build a stronger community by forming social groups.
Come by the chapel on March 25, talk to your neighbors and find groups that capture your interest.
Here are some examples social groups in other neighborhoods:
o Men’s, Women’s, mixed coffee groups
o Bridge/Card groups
o Book Clubs
o Movie Groups
o Theater Groups
o Cooking Groups
o Gardening Groups
o New to Denver? New commers’ group, Explore Denver group
o Mom’s with kids? Mom’s group/ play dates
o Like Sports? Form or join both adults’ and kids’ sports teams
o Golf group (Men’s / Women’s / Mixed)
o Learn and play pickleball
o Organize Kids sports teams (basketball, swimming, baseball)
o Join the Saturday morning bike group or start another one
At the meeting Organizers will determine which groups have sufficient interest to form a club/group. For those with insufficient initial interest a waiting list will be formed.
The plan:
o LUN will be an ongoing clearing house, promoting existing groups and helping to facilitate new groups and activities
o Once formed, groups will operate independently
o Groups will need an initial leader to help organize and coordinate
o Where there are existing Lowry groups who want to expand, LUN will support and encourage new members.

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