Group Housing and Pedestrian Safety Issues impacting Lowry

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Group Housing in Denver Neighborhoods
Vehicle, Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety

LUN Quarterly Residents Meeting
January 15, 2020
6:30 to 8:00 PM
Eisenhower Chapel

The recommendations of a city appointed committee, The Group Living Advisory Committee, may have sweeping impact on Denver neighborhoods, including Lowry. Changes are being formulated now to be put forward as zoning code changes in 2020.

The Committee is charged with studying housing affordability and availability, adult assisted living and elder care, community corrections facilities, transitional housing, shelters for the homeless, artist shared space, sober houses, and co-living. The committee’s task is to evaluate existing regulations and code provisions along with the fair housing act and provide insight into community needs and offer possible solutions. A key goal is to “support housing as a continuum to serve residents across a range of incomes, ages and needs.” This includes preserving existing affordable housing, reducing displacement, and assuring that equity is woven into all city policies, processes and plans.

Although the work is still in progress, LUN believes that now is the time to inform neighbors about the issues, proposals, and potential impacts of the work of this committee—before its recommendations are put into an ordinance. For example, the Group Living Advisory Committee is recommending significantly increasing the number of unrelated people who are allowed to reside in a single-family housing unit.
Project Manager, Andrew Webb, Senior City Planner, will discuss the work and scope of this committee. Then we, as a neighborhood organization, will decide how to respond.

LUN is excited to announce that its Lowry Vehicle, Pedestrian & Bike Safety Committee is back at work again in response to a number of concerns raised by neighbors about safety on the major arterials in and around Lowry. With increased density and the near completion of Boulevard One, neighbors worry about additional traffic coming into and out of Lowry and its impacts on pedestrian and bike safety. If you have experienced dangerous situations on our streets, plan to attend this meeting. LUN wants to hear from you.

LUN recognizes that the city requires study and certain criteria in order to make traffic calming and safety changes. Dana Hoffman, community coordinator in Public Works for the City and County of Denver, will present an overview of how transportation design decisions are made within Public Works. She will give us a better understanding of the standards by which the City operates as well as the tools the community has at its disposal to make changes and improvements. Dana works closely with the transportation engineer for Northeast Denver to respond to requests from the community for changes to the roadways. There will be time allowed for her to listen to your comments, and a map of Lowry will be provided for you to identify areas of concern. The LUN Vehicle, Pedestrian & Bike Safety Committee looks forward to hearing your comments as it develops an agenda for 2020.

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