LUN Announces the Corona Virus Task Group New LUN Group Steps Up To Serve Our Community Over 550 Pounds of Food Delivered in the First Days of Operation

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New Group Steps Up To Serve Our Community
Over 550 Pounds of Food Delivered in the First Days of Operation

In March, anticipating need in our community resulting from the measures for health and safety, rendered at the city and state level, Lowry Coronavirus Help Group was formed. LUN authorized Board Member, Paul Vranas, on behalf of LUN, to establish and operate a special purpose inter-community organization in Lowry to respond to the needs of Lowry’s most vulnerable residents and fulfilling those needs with resources from Lowry residents and organizations who have the ability to contribute and/or volunteer. The Lowry Coronavirus Help Group was formed by bringing together leaders from our Affordable Housing Communities, Public & Private Schools, Business Organizations, Government agencies and Charitable Foundations all within Lowry.  As of May 11, 2020, 13 requests have been fulfilled by our generous Lowry neighbors.

The initial focus of the Group has been to provide a safety net for Lowry Residents who are unable to get immediate help through existing public/private services.  This includes neighbors who are: 

  • 65 Years Old Or Better 
  • Immunocompromised 
  • Lower Income Families With Children at Denver Public Schools 
  • Suspected to be exposed to Coronavirus

Services offered by the group include purchase and delivery of food and supplies, wellness calls, finding childcare resources. Within the first 10 days of operation, the group had 46 volunteers. It was able to respond to requests, by the managers of Blue Spruce Renaissance Townhomes and Renaissance Lowry/Alton Way affordable housing communities, by providing food to supply on-site food banks for both locations. Having a food bank on each property eliminates the issue of transportation for residents and assures that food is immediately available. For both locations, the Lowry Corona Virus Help Group volunteers responded to requests for donations quickly and food was delivered within 24 hours from the time of request. Over 550 pounds of food total was delivered to the two locations.

All Lowry neighbors are invited to join this group:
Facebook group –
Need help? –
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We can also be contacted by:
Phone/Text: 312.515.3818