Lowry Pedestrian, Bicycle and Traffic Safety Committee

In Announcements, Traffic and Safety Issues by Denny Head

The Lowry Pedestrian, Bicycle and Traffic Safety Committee has been meeting to prioritize the areas of concern identified in the 35 surveys received at the January LUN quarterly meeting along with other comments received over the past months. Thank you to all who responded.  There will be continuing communication with City and County of Denver Department of Transportation and Infrastructure (DOTI) to clarify on-going projects, to answer questions and ultimately to ask them to partner with our group to study and remedy the biggest areas of safety concern. The need for additional signed or painted crosswalks, 4-way stops, and possible left-turn phases at signals were identified. Specific issues identified as the areas of greatest concern will be discussed with the City to see if changes are warranted by City guidelines.

Comments received will be posted soon on the LUN website.  Also, some information and education will be posted on the website, such as tips for driving the roundabouts.  One tip is “When in doubt, wait it out”. In other words, wait for the gap in both lanes before entering the roundabout. Another fact that is good to know is that it is legal for bicycles and pedestrians to share the 10’ wide sidewalks in Lowry.   

If you have specific areas of concern, please contact lowryunitedneighborhoods@gmail.com 

For more immediate traffic and safety issues, we encourage you to report to the city by calling 311.  These reports form a database for the city.