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JANUARY 15 at 6:30 PM

Two important presentations open to all Denverites

Why is Denver revising the definition of “household” and what are the pros and cons of the proposed change?

Andrew Webb, Senior City Planner, will talk about the work being done on Group Living (broad topic!) and the single family household. He will detail a proposal to remove the current definition of a “Household” (2 unrelated people, generally) and update the Zoning Code to allow up to 8 unrelated folks and their offspring in 1800 Sq. Ft.  We know all sorts of options such as Tiny Home Villages are on the table for addressing shortage of living options, and this change is the first proposed step. Come learn the pros and cons of such a change, ask questions, and don’t be blindsided!

Neighbors want safety improvements before it’s too late!

Dana Hoffman (City & County of Denver) will present how design decisions regarding traffic/peds/bike safety are made, and what tools our community has at our disposal to make improvements. Our dynamic LUN Pedestrian & Bike Safety Committee is just beginning its second phase of work, and needs your input. Please join us and mark your areas of concern on their working map.

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